COVID 19 Policy Statement

Tour de Malaga is committed to providing a safe and healthy enviroment for all our workers and customers.

Because of the Covid 19 situation Tour de Malaga has removed its website and all other advertising. We are, at present, constructing a new website for use in the different circumstances in which the Malaga Tourist Industry will find itself when it reopens.

We would like to pick your brains in this matter. Below you will find a brief Questionaire which we would ask to complete. The ten most helpful replies will each receive two free tickets for our Full Day Coach Tours.

These can be used any time within one year of reopening our business ( which we hope will be sometime later this year)

We have developed our COVID-19 Response Plan in line with the latest government guidelines and will continue to monitor our COVID-19 response and amend this plan in consultation with our managers and health advisors